Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Spring Farm

 Spring is on it's way and I have been meaning to put our little farm animal pictures on.  So here we have our two Dexter Cows, they are displaying their best side.  Little Cow is the fat short legged dexter, she's the one I milk, and Big Cow is on the left.  I am actually watching her, (Big cow,) right now with the binoculars from the sun room as she is in labor and will hopefully drop a healthy little calf for us.  It will be our first farm birth.  We're excited.  Of course, I want her to be put in the barn with fresh straw and all but, Gerry says leave her alone.

 Next, our latest addition is some new little layer ducks.  In these first pictures they are about three days old.
This little dark one is a drake and the one above is a hen.
They are so cute and fun to watch.
 Here we are moving them outside as they keep outgrowing their warm place in the garage.  We have a lot of cats so we had to fix up a safe place for them outside and let them get a little bigger before moving them.  I think that they are almost three weeks old here. They grow pretty fast.

We picked up our nucs of honey bees the other day and here Gerry is getting ready to put them in the hive. 
The two hives....I'm sure the bees will "bee" glad when there is some nectar for them to gather.  Right now we are feeding them cane sugar syrup, but they have started collecting pollen!

I don't have any recent pictures of our "old" ducks, so I will put a picture from last summer. These girls are being replaced with the new babies in a few months.
So, far other than the dog and five cats that patrol the premises and keep us rodent free, that's all the animals we have. 

We are hoping to add some Bourbon Red Heritage Turkeys and some Delaware Chickens for meat birds.

I will hopefully be adding a picture of a newborn calf soon!
Leslie and Gerry

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