Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I'll Give you Tall Tall Trees......

 Gerry and I have been taking some morning hikes a few days a week and then we end up looping back to our property; "Walk in Love Ranch and Tree Farm".  Gerry has been growing some tall, tall trees.  This one is a Red Fir and in the next photo we tried to get an "up" shot of it.  Being a tree hugger really isn't such a bad long as you understand that God gave us these trees to use for good purposes and that we care of them and continue to properly manage all these good gifts that He has blessed us with.

With these wonderful gifts we can make lumber to build a myriad
of things or sell to the mill for others to build with. We don't usually heat our house with the very best that the forest has to offer, we use trees that have died naturally and that have been standing dead for a while so as to be nice and dry.  Or if we have to clear trees or do other logging, there is usually part of the tree that becomes firewood for us. Also, with the mill, we have a lot of "mill ends that work for firewood.
This Cedar is a BEAUTY!  Gerry has done a terrific job of managing his timber for years.  It is no wonder that the mills keep coming year after year to ask to buy our timber.

It's kind of funny.  When I walk in our woods, I look around, but when Gerry walks in our woods, he looks up!  We'll be walking along and all of a sudden he says, wow there's a red fir that's dying, it'll be a good saw log.  Or, that will be good firewood.  Or, that white pine will make some nice clear lumber!  I don't know how he keeps from falling!
I love our woods, there always seems to be a cool, secret place waiting to be found.
Blessed are you Lord Our God Creator of the Universe.
Baruch atah Adonai Eloheynu Melech Ha Olam!

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