Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm such a lucky Grandma! I got to have a couple of my grandgirls over for a weekend! We got to sled and play

and watch movies..(Rin Tin Tin)

We made ourselves lovely meals and ate them in the newly decorated dining room complete with candlelight and romantic music.

Abbie kept us entertained by appearing every few moments in disguise...she is a russian spy and you never know what costume she might be wearing at the moment! (These are a couple of them.)

This poor man was operated on by Abbie, you should have seen the kidney stones he had!!! (It looked far more like an autopsy to me)

Micah contentedly took care of her baby daughter,cooking and caring for her. Once she had me babysit so she could make the 50 mile trek to go get the medicine she needed to get her baby well. Such happy times we had.... How wonderful to see the imagination and self engineered entertainment of children...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lovely Poetry

This morning I woke up with these two verses to a poem in my head that was written by Holly Dempsen, one of my awesome neices....

O Lord this love is heavy and it hath no other place,
I pray, my Lord, direct this love to Thee.
That love when it hath caught a glimpse of Thy beloved face,
Shall say, "There is no better love than He."

Though in this tent we groan and would be further clothed and whole,
And long to know as we are fully known.
We have this perfect confidence implanted in our soul;
That we are not, and shall not be, alone.

It's funny how you remember things when you need them...Thanks, Holly

Monday, January 24, 2011

Not Snowed In!

All is well in the winter wonderland. The snow comes and the snow goes, the ice comes and the snow comes over it. I shovel the snow and I play in the snow...I keep finding myself stopping and staring out the window at the trees and the mountians covered in's so beautiful. I think also of the song, "White as Snow" taken from a verse in the Bible that tells us the outcome of the Work of Christ at the cross...through the power of His blood, through the wonder of His love, through faith in Him I know that I can be...White as snow. I hope that you'll enjoy this video of my little ride down the icy driveway. Sometimes you just can't let the ice get the best of you.

Couldn't upload this to my blog somehow so I had to use YouTube and embed a link.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Turkey Parade!

Thought you'd enjoy this little video of some Turkeys passing by. Pretty sweet! Deer and Turkeys are begining to seem "Ho Hum". NOT!

Last night I baked a pumpkin to make some pumpkin pie. Today I plan to get something built in the shop. (IF my new saw blade works....I dropped my skil-saw the other day and now it is not cutting right, I'm hoping it's just the blade I wrecked and not the saw itself.)

Cold temperatures are back, 24 degrees at 8:23am, but, the sun is shining and the sky is blue, blue, blue!

We had our first power outage of the winter the other evening. It was out for around 6 hours. Not bad. I just get my flashlight, then my gun, then I light my candles. I already had a fire going so heat was not a problem. I really don't NEED to "get my gun" but, when you are the helps you not feel helpless in case there is an unforseen danger.

Going to take a walk in the woods today...I won't need the snowshoes this time since the thaw from the last week melted nearly all the snow.

Be watching for my upcoming video of my ride down the icy driveway!!
Signing off,
Grandma, (from Over the River and Through the Woods :>)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To The "Fretters"

Psalm 37

Fretting, fretting, always fretting
What’s the use of that?
It changes naught
With evil fraught
And keeps my mind from what it ought.

Trust, delight, commit and rest
Wait patiently for him
Live righteously
And faithful be
The desires of your heart you’ll see.

Fret not, He say’s THREE times because
He knows our tendency
To sit and fret
Then get upset
It leads to evil, don’t forget!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
Delight yourself in Him
Commit your way
Trust and pray
He’ll make your goodness shine like day.

Be still before the Lord and wait
So patiently for Him
Refrain from anger
Turn from wrath
Fret not and let Him guide your path

If God delights in your way
Your steps will be secure
And should you slip
You will not trip
He has your hand within His grip.

Your salvation comes from Him
He’ll be your strength in trouble
He’ll deliver you from
The wicked one
When to his refuge you will run.

So, turn from evil and do good
Then in the land you’ll dwell
He loves the just
And though we’re dust
He’ll not forsake those who trust.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My first little snowshoeing expedition...

Walking down the hill...

Looking back up the hill...

Now I'm on the opposite side of the house going up into the woods...

Looking back at the house....

That was cool

The next day, the SUN came out! So beautiful!