Thursday, April 17, 2008

Puerto Rico

In Awe of God's Creation

Hello Again,
You'll see the picts from Puerto Rico above. Everyplace I go, whether here in the States or abroad, I am in awe of the beautiful earth and the creatures that fill it. God has such an incredible imagination. Beauty, detail, and purpose for each created thing. He truly is an amazing God, and I'm thankful for the opportunities to explore His creation.
I actually didn't take too many pictures in Puerto Rico; and although we saw some great conches and starfish while snorkeling, we didn't see any fish. The water was a bit murkey from a recent storm so visabilty was not at it's best.
There is no lack of Iguanas in Puerto Rico, they are run over on the roads like skunks up north or possums in the south. On my horse back trip through the foothills of the El Yonke Rain forest we came across a guy out riding with his dogs following along, and one of them had captured an iguana and was carrying it around. It was not dead, but they play dead when attacked. That iguana actually survived but it may have been injured to the point that it would die.
The country side we rode in was beautiful. The horses we rode were Pasofinos which are known for their smooth trotting gait and were brought over originally by Christopher Columbus. They really were a pleasure to ride.
We did take a trip into Old San Juan, no pictures though because I left my camera in the car. This area is quite historical dating back to Columbus (Christobol Colon) as they call him. Also, some pirate history. The old fort is still there along the coast.
The weather there is pretty warm but the trade winds constantly blow so you do not really get too hot. The humidity is high so you do feel a bit sticky, but all in all it is very pleasant weather.
I am glad to be home and since I've been home I've been working in the yard, planting my little garden, hanging baskets etc... I've been trying to take meals to a friend of mine here who is laid up and not knowing if her life will be prolonged by surgery or if she will be soon going home to be with the Lord. She is a really dear lady who always has a smile in spite of her constant discomfort. You might pray for her and her husband. Her name is Tana. We have some things in common, in that we both lost our husbands to cancer after long marriages and that we both remarried and moved to San Diego and both of us have made a switch from rural life to city.

Spiritually, I am working on learning the secret to being content in any and every situation, and that is that; whether in poverty or wealth, sickness or health, sorrow or joy, if you've been wronged or blessed, WHATEVER situation because Paul says ANY and EVERY, the secret is that you CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Even forgive when you don't feel like it. You just make the choice to do what's right and if you do it through Jesus, He gives you the strength, and contentment follows soon after. Phillipians 4:11-13
I love you all!
Mom, AKA Leslie, Ruthie, Grandma