Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wow, it was hard to believe 50 but now I’m 51 and have received and thrown away my first AARP invite to join. I refuse to join, not because I can't admit I'm old enough, but that I won't give a dime to that liberal organization.
I had a very nice couple of birthday weeks; starting with the Mariner's/Padre's game Bill arranged for the kids and I.
Then I had such a great time while Kathy was here visiting. We really had a lot of fun and lots of good catch up time. Kathy said the highlight of the trip was the fishing. We ended up going about 90 miles out and she caught two Albacore Tuna. It was pretty exciting… we had just started trolling for only about 10 to 15 minutes and Bill had gone to use the head and immediately we had a hook up – so I quickly pulled back the throttle and put the engines in neutral and set the bail on the rod and was calling Kathy to come and take it when another rod went off, so there we were with a double hook up! I was telling Kathy what to do (only because it was her first experience ocean fishing and catching a tuna) while working with my rod. We had quite a good time on the catching side having to switch over and under to keep our lines straight. Kathy’s fish dived down a couple of times as they usually do when they see the boat, but unfortunately my drag was way too tight and when my fish kept trying to dive, my line wasn’t giving. I’m not that experience to know how to change my drag, though I realize now that I should have loosened my bail a bit instead. Anyway, by the 3rd or 4th try, my fish broke the 100 pound test line and swam away with my black and purple.
I’ve never lost a fish before so I was totally disappointed. If Bill had been available he would have been able to tell me what to do about the drag. Anyway, when we examined the line it looks like he might have damaged it on the propeller or something, because it wasn’t my knot that broke it was the line. But, since I lost my fish, I was free to gaff Kathy’s fish for her and get it into the boat….Yea!! It was a nice fat 25 pound Albacore Tuna. Later she brought in another 18 pounder. And to add to the beauty of the day we watched whales and had porpoise swim along side and in front of the boat with us, saw a few flying fish…all in all it was an awesome day!
Kathy and I and Jerry attended a Padre’s / Braves game, which the Braves won (Kathy’s Team) so I was very glad for her. It didn’t make much difference for the Padre’s since they are in last place in the NL West. My AL team stinks this year also…poor Mariners. At this point, I’m with Jerry in hoping that they get last place in the whole league just so they get first round draft pick…..which by the way is only worth it if they are able to know to pick the right player…which they haven’t demonstrated a lot of talent Jerry’s blog for some great Mariner’s insights, he’s the expert and the funny writer in the family.
Kathy and I also took a drive over to Coronado Island, spent a day at Sea World and on her last day we went to tour the USS Midway, it was great. The time went by so fast, we could have done a lot more, but somehow her visit seemed to be over before it had barely begun.
On my actual birthday, Bill had made reservations several days before for a nice dinner out at the Chart House in Del Mar, when we got there he had surprised me with having the kids there for a little dinner party. It was a very nice evening.

My visit to Idaho was another very enjoyable time. The girls and I painted the guest room, living room and kitchen at my folks house. I always enjoy visiting with family. I also camped at a nearby campground during this time. It was a way to sneak in some camping while still being close enough to help out.

Shannon and Marcus hosted our 4th of July celebration. Bill and I provided the tuna which Bill grilled to perfection,as usual. It was great to see all of my Brothers, and my sister and most all of my nieces and nephews and their kids….my goodness our family is getting so big! I took advantage of Brady getting a photo of all the great grandkids with my Mom and Dad and snapped this picture.
Since returning to Idaho, we received the news from Shannon about Marcus have a cyst on his brain. We are thanking God that it is not a malignant cancer, but a slow growing cyst which is operable… Marcus, we are keeping you and your family in our prayers and hope you will let us know if we can do anything. I have just gotten tickets to be there to stay with the grandkids so that Shannon will be free to spend as much time at the hospital with Marcus as she needs to. I understand it is not going to be an easy surgery or recovery.
Bill is currently in Texas, as his mom is having knee replacement surgery. I am getting caught up on things around here that I’ve not been home to do. This morning I picked cukes and tomatoes, basil and of course more zucchini.
When Bill gets home, I’m going to pick this watermelon for us to eat.

Well, I think that about catches you up on what’s been going on with me. I love you all and pray for you often.
Mom, Leslie, Grandma, AKA Ruthie,