Friday, August 15, 2008

Here he is!

Introducing Cohen Ray Allen Grandchild # 9

Okay you guys, I'm posting some pictures. I'll be adding more as I get them since I just have a few right now.
The grand event happened yesterday morning at 7:06am ...weighing in at 7.6 pounds, little Cohen arrived looking just like his beautiful mother. Jerry and Jess are a couple of VERY proud and Happy parents, (also cute) Jess said yesterday that she really needed to sleep but she just could quit staring at her new baby. They are both absolutely enthralled with Cohen.
After getting a bit of sleep yesterday afternoon, Uncle John (Jess's little bro) and I made him his first birthday cake, which we took over that evening for his first little birthday party. Of course, he was oblivious to our little celebration, but we forgave him and went ahead and enjoyed his cake and icecream.
Jerry and Grandpa Mark were worried that his eyes would be blinded from the paparazzi so we didn't take too many pictures. Grandma Julie and I,(the offending paparazzi)couldn't help ourselves.
I'll continue to add to these picts and I'm sure when Jerry gets a chance his blog will be full of them.
Love to you all and blessings,
Mom AKA Leslie, Grandma & Ruthie

Saturday, August 9, 2008

San Diego Summer

The summer seems to be flying by….It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been keeping busy between company and traveling. A couple of weeks ago I made a batch of zucchini relish with Jessica and the next week I made some carrot pickles. (I’ve been feeling like canning.) I think it ties back to my big summer garden in Idaho.

I also started volunteering at a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Mira Mesa called Turning Point. I go on Wednesdays and do whatever tasks they have for me. Then twice a week on Thursday evenings I go to the “bridges” program where they have a speaker for the gals on some subject and then they get to spend their points and shop. I mostly hold babies for the mothers. A lot of the gals do not speak English so I’m not good at communicating. I’m good at smiling tho’… and at holding babies :>)
I’ve been enjoying the opportunity. I’ll have to take a picture of the many ladies and babies to post for you.
I got into the sewing mood this last week also and made myself a cape and purse to match. Plus I bought about 12 yards of material to start Christmas presents for all the grandkids. I don’t think they read my blog so I guess it’s ok to say that I plan to make them each a bathrobe. I got pink velour for the girls and camo fleece for the boys. I’ll probably start that project this coming week.
Bill is out of town, he went to see his Mom and Trey again and then is on his way to Chicago to the LPL National Conference. I decided to stay home this trip, I’d hate to miss out on the birth of little Cohen. He’s actually due today.

Well, now for the big news….We bought a boat. It’s a 3080 Glacier Bay Coastal Runner. It seems that the guy who bought it brand new has only put 8 hours on it; there’s a long story that goes with the reason, but it turns out he bought a different boat that’s a better fit for him and since people aren’t exactly buying boats right now with fuel prices being what they are, Bill was able to get this one for a whole lot less than his asking price. ( That was a long, run on sentence; I apologize to all of you grammar geeks... you know who you are.) Also, “long, run on” is redundant, but, of course, you knew that. I digress…. BTW, we will be changing the name on this boat. But, I'm not sure it will be much better than this name for reasons I won't take time to explain here.:>)

Jer and Jess and I went down to see the boat today so I took a few picts to show you all. Next week I’ll start cleaning it and getting it ready for our first voyage. They are catching a lot of Dorado right now, hopefully we can get the boat out there to fish before I leave for Idaho and before the fish leave town!
After spending some time at the marina we had some fish tacos at WaHoo's and then decided we'd take Jessica for a walk to try and shake out that baby, but it didn't work. These pictures along the bay are some of the scenery from our walk...hope you enjoy them.It was a beautiful day!

Love to all...Mom,AKA Leslie,Grandma,Ruthie