Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All is well in San Diego, not a lot to report in this quiet household; although it does not really seem like we sit still. Bill and I made a trip to Palm Desert last weekend. It is a beautiful place. We made our usual stop at a date farm and indulged in a date shake, and we went to "The Living Desert" which is kind of a desert animal park and desert vegetation park. We spent about three hours touring it, it was pretty neat. We actually got to see new butterflies trying to emerge from their chrysalids at the butterfly garden house. On the way back home, we decided to take the "long" way and surprise Mom and Dad with a visit and take them out to dinner.

The weather was beautiful while we were there, but the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic was going on so it was a pretty busy place. These are pictures of the scenery at Palm Desert.

Also, I'm posting a beautiful picture of the sunset that we saw each evening from the cabin we rented at Big Bear over Christmas and a picture of just one of our visitors to the deck. We had Canadian Jays, Camp Robbers, squirrels, a Downey Woodpecker and a couple of curious raccoons.

Jerry, Jess and Great Grandma went tubing while I stayed with Grandpa because he wasn't feeling too hot. Bill was under the weather, so he participated by watching. They had a great time. Mom and Jess and I strung popcorn for our tree and listened to a lot of christmas music. We also had quite the foosball tournament going on, with Jerry and Bill being the main competitors. In spite of the emergency trip to the hospital on Christmas Day for Grandpa we had a very nice time.

I'm looking forward to the new year trusting that God is in control and He has a plan for each of us. "His eyes roam to and fro over all the earth seeking those whose hearts are fully devoted to Him, that He might show Himself stong on their behalf." Keep your eyes on Him and your hearts devoted to Him. Love to all, Mom- aka Grandma, Leslie & Ruthie