Saturday, December 15, 2007

Trip to Idaho

What a wonderful time we had visiting the kids up north! The weather was cold... we saw a little snow... played with the grandkids... skied with Marcus & Brady and Abbie, Micah and Jaxson. It was a lot of fun. Shannon's house was very festive and she and Lani fixed us great food. We had our Christmas with them early since we will not be together for Christmas; we enjoyed watching the grandkids open gifts. The time went by very quickly and we did not get to visit with other family members. We need to be up there for a longer period to see my brothers and my sis. Maybe next trip. Lani's baby is due at the end of Feb or first of March; so I will be making a trip back at that time, Lord willing, to help out for a while.
We did stop and see some long time friends, Dave and Karen Larson and enjoyed a great visit with them. Please pray for them as Dave is fighting cancer big time. I was encouraged by their faith and trust in our Savior. They know that God is in control and He is their strength.
"The Lord redeems the soul of His servants, and none of those who take refuge in Him will be condemned." Psalm 34:22

Until later....Leslie

Monday, December 3, 2007

First Blog -

My kids are blogging, their cousins blog, all their cool friends blog, that's how you stay in touch these days. Oh sure, we see each other, we talk some on the phone, but when you blog you really say something. You share inner thoughts, contemplations, silly and serious, or you may tell anyone who cares (and even people who don't care) about events in your life, you can post pictures, share a laugh and all your family can tune in and read about it. It no longer takes a phone call to each person.

Okay, count me in, I'll give it a try. Will my kids read their mom's blog??? Weird, I don't think so. I hope they might check it out once in a while. I hope that when they do, that I'll have something there worth reading. Something to brighten their day, make them smile, or be surprised. Most likely they'll say..."yup, that's mom" ...whatever. Maybe, it will be one of the coolest blogs ever and they'll tell their friends, "check out MY mom's blog!" (I told you I wanted to make them smile - I'll bet you anything that they are!) and Jerry will be wishing he wasn't. That's how well I know my kids. When they read my blog they'll be correcting my punctuation errors and my spellling, but it's ok, I'm terribly proud of all of them. They are my "opus" my finest work, even though I myself am still a work in progress as they also are, I will stand before the Lord and He will know, that with all my faults and short-comings, I did my best to teach them His ways, His path, and His love.

In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.
All for now.

Leslie AKA- Mom, Grandma, Ruthie