Friday, July 27, 2012

                                       You've met Ginger and MaryAnn, Now I'd like you to meet the newest additions to Walk in Love Ranch.......                                                                                                                                                   
Introducing GILIGAN and his girls!

Khaki Campbell Ducks.  Seven girls and Giligan, the Drake.

Yesterday they gave me seven beautiful eggs.  They are quite the bug marauders and their eggs are delicious.  I'm enjoying watching them as they quite literally parade around together.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Overnight Grandma Camp!

Tent camping with Cohen, Eli, Lilah, Vance, Elora and Abbie, my great helper!  Swimming at the Lake....(forgot camera), a scavenger hunt, playing in the sandbox, riding plasma cars with goggle boy, poison girl, ponytail girl, stick boy, and a good policeman, a bon fire with hotdogs and s'mores and "sleeping" in the tents!  I'm exhausted, but it was Tons of Fun, I love them so much!
They say the funniest things......

"Grandma! Look!  This water is SHORT, I'm past the dock and still walking!....Lilah    
"I love this beetle, it's my best friend."....Cohen
"I love you, Grandma."......Eli   
"I love Walk in Love Ranch".......Vance
"I think I probably ate too much.".....Elora.  Yeah, me too....

Making memories for the children and hoping to pass on the baton of faith in our Creator, that's what this Grandma is all about.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"> Wow! Has it ever been a busy spring! But summer is here now and my favorite Idaho season has begun. The bee's are literally "busy bees" making beautiful new honey combs. The garden is blessing me with fresh lettuce and mesculan for salads, I'm drying parsley already, and baby zuchs on their way, the tomatoes are coming on strong and the cukes and beans are heading up their trellises, it's so fun to watch! I've made two batches of Pesto from my basil. It's so fun to go out and pick your dinner.

This spring I put in a sprinkler system for the garden and built a new firepit area.(They will be in the slide show.) Also, I added more lasagna garden beds and 10 fruit trees...all kinds of new additions to Walk in Love Ranch this year! Thank you Lord!

 By far, however, the most wonderful little addition to my life is my newest Grandaughter, Natalie Rose! She and Jessica ran into a bit of trouble with the birth, but all is going well at this point and we are all praising the Lord for the way He took care of the two of them. I thoroughly enjoyed keeping Cohen and Eli while Jess and Jer were taking care to watch over little Natalie.

  On the wild side you'll see some pictures of a couple of moose that showed up this spring in my back yard.  and a porcupine I shot about a month ago that was heading down the hill right towards my front porch! My dog was most grateful. It was very interesting examining the way it's quills were sized and designed, she was a very beautiful little creature. Too bad that they are rather a nuisance and can do quite a bit of damage to my timber. My friend went out of his house for a walk a few days ago and saw a Mama Moose with a brand new little baby right in his field! 

I took a break from facebook for a while, but when I went to email some gals I missed keeping touch with, I found that all my email contact list had been wiped out by a virus or something; so I have no ones address anymore! Back to face book!
Walk in Love, Leslie