Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last Dance Performance

My dance performance partner is moving to warmer we had our last performance together at the Sandpoint Ballroom Dance last week. A Fox Trot with some swing mixed in! Mac and I got teamed up as kind of an odd team, because he is so tall and I am so short, but we make it work anyway. We've done two other performances together besides this one. I will definitely miss dancing with him as he is fun to dance with and a nice friend to my husband and I.  My husband was kind enough to video this for us and so I'm going to post it.  It is pretty much focused on Mac and I, so you won't see much of the whole group.It's been a great experience for me, we have made such nice friends with other dancers.  Gerry and I organize a practice dance a couple of times a month for friends.  We used to do it at my house with the great dance floor, but it is a little too snug here at Gerry's, although we have done it here several times; we have moved on to renting the Cocolalla Community Center. Hope you enjoy one of my hobbies!
Blessings. Leslie

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