Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wow! Has it been a long time since I’ve updated my blog or what??? My excuse? Hmmm….... I haven’t been in the mood? Whatever the reason, I’m going to do it now.
September and October have been filled mostly with fishing trips on the weekends and during the week I’ve been working on and off on the Christmas sewing projects I started.
Mom and Dad came down for a week this month and happened to be here the weekend we needed to take the “Net Gain” down to Ensenada to dock it at the Marina Coral for a few months. We hopped in the boat and took off for the 70 mile ride on a Friday afternoon getting in to the Marina after dark. We saw dolphins and whales on the ride down and Bill totally enjoyed having the auto pilot on the boat fixed so that he sit back while the boat stayed on course. I think Mom and Dad totally enjoyed the boat ride and we were glad to have them along. We had a fantastic weekend, staying at the Hotel there. Shonna and Adam drove down on Saturday to be our ride back home and we all took the boat out fishing on Sunday before leaving.
We didn’t know if the tuna would be biting or not, we hoped, for Mom and Dad’s sake, that they were so they would have a chance experience the thrill of bringing one into the boat. Well, thank you Lord!
Our wish was granted and both Mom and Dad hooked up with a tuna. Dad brought in a feisty Bonito tuna and Mom brought in (with a little help from Bill) a nice Yellowfin tuna. Unfortunately, when you look at the picture of Mom’s fish, we didn’t get the whole fish in the picture, but you can tell by the head about how big it was, I think it was in the 25 – 30 lb class. They had so much fun and were so tickled to have the chance to catch a tuna! We enjoyed watching them as much as they enjoyed the fishing.

Bill and I took a little weekend trip to visit Ken and Bev in Arkansas. We planned to go stripper bass fishing but ended up just fishing for large mouth bass. It was fun, I’ve never bass fished before and we had fun “attracting” them to our lures. Ken fried them up in beer batter the next day and we had the best fish fry, it was delish ! Yummm! (To quote Rachel Ray)
We had a great visit with Ken and Bev, it was good to catch up with them. We also spent a considerable amount of time bemoaning our fears of the upcoming elections. Scared to death we are going to have an Obama presidency. Bill alone remains optimistic that it isn’t going to happen. I SO hope he’s right! Ken and Bev send their love to all the family and especially wanted us to let Marcus know they have been praying for him.
We love you all and miss you. Be praying for the elections!