Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ger and I have been eating salads from the garden all spring and summer, but I believe that tonight we had the best garden salad yet!  This cucumber plant which is much bigger now than in this picture, grows huge armenian cucumbers and we had a cucumber, tomato, onion, basil, and anise hyssop salad for dinner, all from the garden. I added some blue cheese crumbles and mayo and it was amazing.  I love when the cukes and zukes start coming on. We are probably strange, but we will eat huge plates of  zuchini or salads and perhaps a garden potato with it because we love eating all from the garden as much as possible.  Another of our favorite summer foods is pesto, so  we grow lots of basil and make pesto a couple times a week.

 These little swallows survived our cats and flew off with their mommy last least I hope that's why they are no longer here! :)  My kitty was showing a lot of interest.........hmmm

Swallowtail beautiful.
God is an awesome creator!

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